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China will implement the five measures to promote energy-saving emission reduction technology

"In a period of time, the Chinese government will continue to increase energy conservation and new energy sources, emission reduction technology in support of scientific and technological innovation for China's economic and social development of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable to provide a strong scientific and technological support." In today's international energy-saving emission reduction and the new High-Level Forum on Energy Technology Expo, the Ministry of Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said the five measures to be implemented.

Wan Gang pointed out that, first of all, to increase research and development efforts to enhance energy conservation and new energy reduction technology innovation capabilities. Efficient in energy conversion, energy saving and new energy-saving building materials, industrial processes cleaner and efficient energy use, recycling of waste resources, environmental pollution control and treatment in areas such as R & D of key technologies, the focus of the deployment. In wind, solar, biomass and other renewable energy and advanced nuclear energy, hydrogen energy and fuel cells and other non-fossil energy, increase investment in research and development. 
He said that will accelerate the promotion of advanced and applicable technologies, promote resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Plans in rural areas, focusing on the promotion of biogas technology, agricultural pollution control technology to reduce pollution emissions and agricultural non-point source pollution. In urban areas to promote urban construction and building materials, waste-to-energy and other advanced applicable technologies. Organized and implemented a number of large-scale application of high-tech industrial projects by 2012 in the field of public transport, promotion and 60,000 new energy saving cars, dozens of major cities in the promotion of large-scale semiconductor lighting, speed up the solar photovoltaic, wind the field of energy technology applications, to build up a pool of new energy industries.
Third, will strengthen policy guidance for energy conservation and new energy sources, emission reduction technology to provide protection. The promotion of science, technology and financial integration, the use of a wide variety of financial tools to enhance energy saving and environmental protection technologies to engage in science and technology R & D support to SMEs. 
 Fourth, the positive response to global climate change and promote the field of climate change science and technology innovation and technology transfer. Continue to organize the field of climate change to carry out basic research, to strengthen the climate change and other global issues of the mechanism of interaction, strengthening the carbon dioxide capture and storage technology, bio-sequestration technologies to control greenhouse gas emissions and other key technology research and development, and promote the development of both developed and between countries in the field of global climate change, technology development and transfer. 
Wan Gang said that China will also strengthen international cooperation in science and technology together to build the world's energy resources and the ecological environment of the technical cooperation platform. Actively promote the implementation of the international experimental thermonuclear fusion reactor program, the National Hydrogen Energy Partnership, the fourth-generation nuclear energy systems and the International Forum on Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, such as National Science and Engineering, forming mutually beneficial win-win situation, technology sharing, resource integration situation.