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The chemical industry: chemical industry demand continues to decline in the severe narrowing of the
Chemical Market demand did not change the overall trend, the overall level of prices has not reversed the downward trend, the export situation is still grim, and some pressure to increase imports of chemical products, industry surplus production capacity of structural problems. According to data monitoring, in May, output value of industry-wide sales fell 7.5 percent year-on-year; production rate was 97.4%, 0.3 percentage points year-on-year decline, the Central than the 1.3 percentage point decline. The volume of oil sent the national 10.7 percent year-on-year decline, the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide sent 18.6 percent year-on-year decline, sending the volume of chemical products fell 6.1%. Part of the import of petrochemical products in the constantly increasing pressure. According to statistical analysis, in recent years, the average annual imports of methanol more than 100 million tons, the highest more than 140 years, only 10,000 tons, while the January-April this year, imports reached 2.25 million tons, apparent consumption of domestic growth as high as 51.5 %, rapid growth in demand at the same time, domestic methanol production in 5 months ago but a drop of 11.2%. According to production analysis, plant in May in some sectors is still a serious shortage of capacity utilization, industry structural problem of excess production capacity more prominent. Ethylene was about to start the month 85.1%, last month dropped by about 7 percentage points; soda ash industry is about to start devices 82.1%; caustic soda plant industry operating rate of about 79%; carbide device industry operating rate was 68.8%; Poly perchlorethylene device operating rate of about 58%. 

Chemical demand as a result of the overall trend has not changed, the export situation is still grim, inorganic chemicals operating rate is still low, hit by the financial crisis, the international chemical industry has reached the historical low valuation levels, in order to predict performance in 2009 for the calculation of average price-earnings ratio 15.84 times, 4.04 times the average市净率. To forecast China's 2009 performance computing industry average price-earnings ratio of 25.84 times for an average of 5.08 times市净率. Shows that the basis of the chemical industry in China has been overestimated in the state, to give the industry "neutral" rating.