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Valuation of non-chemical industry, there is a structural advantage of the opportunity to

January to May this year, the chemical industry value chain increased month by month, year-on-year by the decline narrowed to a small increase. January-May 2009, petroleum and chemical industry output value 2300 billion yuan, up 11.2 percent decline. In May, the chemical industry output rose 2.6 percent, the Central than the 4.5 percent growth, for 4 months to maintain growth. 

Overall, the chemical industry in the overall aspect of the middle reaches of the economy is currently no valuation advantages, given the industry a neutral rating. In the high oil prices and economic recovery is expected, the chemical industry there is a clear section of the structural investment opportunities. Choice in the sub-sectors may be of concern with the end-consumer is closely related to the related fields. Recommended blond science and technology, China Heng Sheng Lu, and Shuangliang sha long dashares.