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PUA-9012 (in the soft resin)


                                                                            Modified acrylic resin emulsion
Main Ingredients        Anionic modified acrylic copolymer 
Product Characters】      Appearance: white or slightly yellow emulsion
                 Solid component (%): 30 ± 2
                 PH (PH): 6.0 - 7.0
                 Unreacted monomer: ≤ 2.5%
                 Membrane of the hardness: medium soft
                 Storage period: twelve months
                 Storage: the range between 5-35 , avoid freezing, light. 
Applications                       1, Better weatherability and adhesion force, rich film.
                  2, Greater elongation, better elasticity.
                  3, Good covering, and good flowability and increase the embossing of finishing. 
                4, Good cold resistance, good flex resistance. 
Usages and Advices      1, Apply to high-grade sofa leather or other soft leather in base or middle finishing.
                  2, Can work with our other anionic resin.