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RC-511 (in the soft resin)


                                                                           Water-based composite resin 
Main Ingredients                              Anionic polymer modified polyurethane 
Product Characters                         Appearance: white viscous liquid 
                                                                    Solid component (%): 25 ± 2 
                                                                    PH (PH) :8.0-9 .5 
                                                                    Membrane of the hardness: soft 
                                                                    Viscosity (cps/25 ) :2500-3500 
                                                                   Storage period: twelve months 
                                                                   Storage: the range between 5-35 , avoid freezing, light. 
Applications                                     1, Good flowability
                                                                   2, Good covering power, and good solvent resistance. 
                                                                   3, Non-tacky and excellent shape of embossing. 
Usages and Advices                     1, Apply to roller coating for shoe upper leather, sofa leather, patent leather. 
                                                                  2, Please do more experiments before use it.