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Address: Xiaoyuan Industrial Zone,Yueshan Town Huaining County,Anqing Anhui
Tel :0556-4051202 0556-4052862
Fax :0556-4052864

Bank: Bank of China Huaining County Office on
Account number: 02654008091001

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  An Qing Yue Shan Hua Gong You Xian Ze Ren Gong Si. located in China's historical and cultural city, town huang mei xi- Anqing. The lower reaches of the north shore of the Yangtze River is located in Anqing, Anhui Province at the junction of three provinces of Hubei and Jiangxi,yi shan bang shui, pleasant scenery and convenient traffic, human galaxy known as the economic center of Anhui Southwest, known as a transportation hub. Yueshan Anqing Chemical limited liability company is the economic center of a bright spot. 

An Qing Yue Shan Hua Gong You Xian Ze Ren Gong Si is the provincial Science and Technology Agency finds that the high-tech enterprises, was founded in 1992, the major producers of environmentally friendly water-based finishing agents - series of waterborne polyurethane resins, acrylic emulsions and additives such as series of more than 40 species, annual production capacity of 4000 tons. Mainly used in leather products, textiles, synthetic leather, such as coating and surface treatment industry.
  Companies always adhere to scientific and technological innovation and scientific management of advanced concepts to scientific and technological innovation and development, the "Acting as an intermediary for introducing foreign capital and establishing domestic connections,cooperating with the strong ones", one after another with Sichuan University, Anhui University, research institutes, such as cooperation, according to market needs, development, production environmentally-friendly finishes. Advanced technology, strict management, improve the mode of operation of a modern enterprise, so that product quality has been the leading domestic level. Waterborne polyurethane products which have reached advanced level of similar products abroad, the product has access to the province and provincial Expo Silver second prize of scientific and technological progress.
  We are always on one of the "most outstanding quality,most completed service" business purposes, "scientific innovation, diligence and pragmatism" is on the entrepreneurial spirit of people, we will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit, keeping in mind the business objectives, a wider range of friends at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow.