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Quality Assurance
     "Quality is the first life!" This is the "Month of people" firmly believe, from beginning to end, enterprise-wide approach to the implementation of TQC management and has successfully passed the provincial inspection group standardized assessment. Equipped with advanced production equipment and analysis, testing equipment, such as: ice machine, gas chromatograph, a number of significant rally machine, computer, etc., and now the implementation of the internal management of the network here, and more conducive to scientific management and advanced. The establishment of special inspection agencies, from the raw materials to begin rigorous testing and control. In addition, we pay more attention to the production process control, high standards and strict requirements on the finished products are strictly controlled, the use of a veto law. As a result of层层把关seriously monitoring, there is good quality products, consistent quality. Advanced production technology, advanced equipment, scientific management, coupled with high-quality staff, for the production of high quality new products have provided favorable conditions and a reliable guarantee.